Drainage Repairs & Installation

Sometimes unblocking a drain isn’t possible and a repair is required… Not only do we unblock existing drains, our drain laying team are also expert in remedial repairs, installation and the construction of completely new drains.

This method has a high success rate and can be thought to be more expensive. This is definitely not always the case.

Our specialised crew of drain layers are an important part of our team. Although most pipe blockages can be successfully resolved with the help of our highly effective drain cleaning equipment, occasionally there still is a need for the specialists drainlayers.

Drains that are at a shallow depth or have just lost their structural integrity and can’t be cleared will generally require excavation. Our experienced team has repaired 100’s and 100’s of drains as their specialty is drainage repairs.

Once the “dig up and repair” solution is agreed upon, one of our team of drainlayers will arrive at your property and dig up the offending drainage section causing the problem. This section can be replaced with a new PVC pipe which is impregnable to tree roots.

From here the grounds are reinstated to the normal condition and excess spoils removed.

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