Commercial Customers – Drain Unblocking

We know that long term relationships with trusted suppliers are important to our larger commercial customers. It’s much easier when you know you can call on a specialist in their field to help with any drainage issue as they come up, rather than having to shop around for more than one supplier. What’s important is that you get your property functioning well and keep it that way – at realistic prices.

New Competitive Charges for Commercial Customers – For blockage clearance or line cleaning on commercial or industrial premises, prices are charged as follows. An initial establishment fee is followed by an initial half hour charge, then by subsequent 15 minute intervals to fairly reflect the actual time taken.

In our experience, it’s well worth doing preventative maintainance once each year – then you can be sure all your operation’s are going to stay running smoothly. Ideally it works well to do one clean just before winter arrives, and then you can know the heavy rain we normally get isn’t going to overload your drainage systems.